MASS’ Offer

We are specialists for the processing of high-quality structural steel.

In our company, we provide all common processes for welding, steel and pipe cutting, mechanical machining, assembly and quality assurance. Depending on Customer’s requirements we produce both individual elements and as complex modules. We offer a full range of service for project. We are engaged in design, purchase, construction, logistics, assembly and quality assurance. The company’s range includes the manufacturing and installation of devices and designs for many industries in particular for environmental and maritime projects.

We specialize in the manufacture and assembly of sewage treatment equipment, solution for food, chemical, agricultural industry and the production of tanks, silos and appliances of stainless steel and other high-quality steel. The production takes place in a hall adapted to the production of construction of precious steel ((AISI 304 AISI 316, duplex i super duplex).The whole production process takes place under controlled conditions that meet the standards for the production of high quality steel in full separation from carbon steel under the supervision of the Welding Engineer (IWE) and NDT controllers.

Our company possess WPQRs and WPSs to weld acid-resistant steel, Super Duplex, Duplex. The machinery park is only used for the treatment of high-quality steel. We work with recognized suppliers, whom we regularly audit. The production process is supported by the design department. We select materials very carefully and we ensure a short time and flexible delivery, we provide certification of materials and guarantee material identification at all stages of production. Quality assurance activities, our team is keeping the project up to date with the specifications and guaranteeing the highest quality of our products.

We inform up to date about current state of project. It’s to us all logistics, organize transport for materials and finished products. We guarantee a reliable and timely delivery. We deliver the products with a set of quality reports that customer expects, the certification, and permissions required for the process.

We provide final assembly, and assembly in localization specified by our customer. We can offer both very short series and long-term production depending on the needs of the recipient.

Our production localisation in the middle of Western Pomerania, not far from the Polish-German border simplifies the logistics and transport of the manufactured structures.

We base our actions on trust, which is guarantee of developing our cooperation with Customer.